About Us

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTi) is a “Clean-Tech” company developing and marketing new cutting edge technologies to lessen the environmental impact of large-scale industrial liquid-processing industries such as water treatment, vegetable oil refining, renewable fuels, and alcoholic beverages. We’ve developed proprietary technologies such as Nano Neutralization® and cavitation systems comprising the Nano Reactor®, all which at its core offer the following:

  • Reduces operational costs;
  • Chemical-free process;
  • Patented technology;
  • Alleviates environmental impact;
  • Easy integration into existing operations.

CTi’s mission is to improve the environment while helping clients reduce operating costs and increase yield in liquid process applications. CTi’s short-term goal is to commercialize its NANO Neutralization – Systems used to refine vegetable oils derived from oilseeds such as soybeans which are converted into consumer food products. We are currently in the process of rolling out the system to the vegetable oil refining industry on a worldwide basis through a global distribution network to a target market of vegetable oil refining plants.