Vegetable Oil Refining

Oil Refinement, CTi’s Technology to Improve Edible Vegetable Oil Refining

The demand for the edible vegetable oil industry has historically grown at over 5% per year, even during periods of global economic instability. Vegetable oil refineries process a variety of different types of oil including soybean oil, palm oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, olive oil, and cottonseed oil. The caveat with the edible vegetable oil industry is the fact that although the market is evergreen in its consistency, its technology remains stagnant and its methods of refining the oil itself are extremely antiquated.

Edible Vegetable oil refineries worldwide are required to remove impurities and volatile components from many different types of oil before they go to market. This is important for several reasons, with the first and foremost being that the oil is intended for consumption, so it must be safe.

Important metrics that follow include improved shelf-life and mitigated cost for refinement. What the industry needs now is the capacity to optimize its refining processes and mitigate the chemicals needed to treat and purify the oil.

Enter CTi’s Nano Reactor® technology for edible vegetable oil refining

When a Nano reactor®  is utilized in vegetable oil refineries, a new capability for processing hundreds of metric tons per day (MTPD) of oil. Our proprietary Nano Neutralization® process offers enhanced performance in the following ways:

  1. Improved oil yield and quality
  2. Accelerated rates of needed processes
  3. Decreased need for silica (or wash water)
  4. Lowered operating expenses
  5. Reduced environmental impact
  6. Less need for expensive chemicals
  7. As much as a 50% reduction in silica usage
  8. Up to 90% reduction in phosphoric acid consumption
  9. Over 30% reduction in caustic usage
  10. Savings in steam consumption and maintenance
  11. Significantly decreased level of impurities in oil
  12. Drives overall savings on maintenance, repair parts, and labor costs

CTi’s Nano Neutralization® process is commercially proven and offers a quick return on investment. Our proprietary technology reduces equipment and installation costs. Furthermore, CTi’s systems are compact, made of durable and chemically inert stainless steel, and highly scalable.

The Results are Clear

When using a Nano Reactor®, the output of edible vegetable oil increases at the minimum of 0.2%. Volatile components that negatively affect oil’s taste, odor, and capacity for longevity are diminished by deodorization that happens naturally through cavitation. Rather than employing traditional methods through a steam injection under a high vacuum and increased temperature, processes can be modified to incorporate the use of CTi’s flow-through systems.

CTi’s proprietary procedure facilitates the expansion of forward-thinking innovations for the refinement of edible vegetable oil, including water degumming, bleaching, and deodorization. Pumping the mixture of oil and water through a hydrodynamic Nano Reactor® maximizes the symbiotic blending of water and oil, and substantially cuts the costs of oil refineries to do what is necessary for their product to be delivered to the market.

Overall, edible vegetable oil refinement can evolve with the times through cavitation, and with CTi’s Nano Reactor® technology, it can be launched into a more equitable and sustainable future.

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